The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has confirmed that a strategy to utilise renewables is underway, with solar on the agenda.

The plan has been put in place to utilise renewable energy resources as a main resource for the generation of electricity and desalination of water in the State of Kuwait.

KISR explained that the strategy has four main priorities. These are to identify the demand for electricity and water, diversify resources for production, update policies and systems and create convenient conditions for the installation of renewable energy technologies.

According to the KISR website, numerous scenarios for the expected contribution of renewable energy resources were drawn up through to 2030, in order to draft a renewable energy utilisation policy to close the gap between electricity production and demand – particularly when demand peaks in summer.

Finally, the plan also identified infrastructure and monitoring challenges that would need to be overcome to implement the plan and its impact on the environment.

At the MENASOL conference Suhailah Marafie, Director of the Department of Studies and Research at the Ministry of Electricity and Water in Kuwait, will give a plenary presentation on the future of solar in Kuwait, including an update on the 70MW under development.

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