Shagaya 50MW CSP project, the first commercial CSP plant in Kuwait, is now under construction, and expected to be completed by the year of 2018. Developed by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR), the project signed EPC contract (USD $385 million) with a consortium consisting of Spanish EPC company TSK and Kuwait’s Kharafi National in 2015.

Tab. Kuwait Shagaya 50MW CSP Plant
Item Parameter
Capacity 50 MW
Electricity Guarantee (MWh/a) 180000
Cost (MKD) 116.5
SCAs per Loop 4
Contract Signed time 12 Sept. 2015
Commercial Operation Day 2018
LCE ($c/kWh) 16
Detailed Engineering Empresarios Agrupados
Developer KISR
EPC TSK, Kharafi National
Storage capacity 10 hours

The 50MW CSP project is under the first phase of Shagaya Renewable Park, which was initiated and designed for demonstrating availability of reaching clean energy goal in Kuwait.

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Shagaya Park is originally designed into 3 phases, and Phase One includes a 50MW solar CSP plant, a 10MW Solar PV plant and a 10 MW wind plant. The expected total capacity of CSP will be 1150 MW (750 MW Parabolic Trough, 400 MW Solar Tower), PV 700MW, and wind 150MW. This mixture of technologies is subject for review and further optimized to maximize the Park’s power production during annual summer peak demand.

Cost and performance will be the key factors for Shagaya CSP project. As KISR points, Currently cost for CSP is not as competitive as Solar PV and Wind Energy, there are still uncertainties for the future CSP plan in the RE park. If price for solar tower technology could be reduced to less than $10 cents/kWh, the CSP projects would be more completive. A Good news is that, DEWA’s 200 MW solar tower project just received world record low price of $9.45 cents/kWh, which may indicate a positive future for CSP in MENA area.

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During the upcoming CSP Focus MENA 2017 conference on Sept.13-14 in Dubai, the Shagaya CSP project key players will be making speeches represented by Mr. Adrian Lopez, Managing Director Middle East from TSK, and Mr. Xavier Lara, Executive Director of Construction and Services Business Unit from Empresarios Agrupados.