The lab at Pune will focus on mobile and immobile Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems, of sizes ranging from 5 meters to 100 meters.

The University of Pune’s School of Energy Studies has got a central grant of Rs 3 crore to set up a new research, development and testing laboratory for concentrated solar power. The lab, once operational, will be among two labs of its kind in the country. The Solar Energy Centre in Gurgaon, Haryana, is already functional.

S V Ghaisas, director of the School of Energy Studies, said the lab should be ready by the end of July. "By helping such institutes, the Union ministry of new and renewable energy is ensuring that India is able to tap the very potent market of concentrated solar energy," he said.

The lab will focus not only on research and development, but will also check the quality of components of concentrated solar energy systems.

Concentrated solar power (CSP) systems use reflective surfaces like mirrors to concentrate a large area of solar thermal energy or sunlight into a small area. Such systems produce more electricity from heat energy as compared to conventional methods.

"Right now there is less competition in CSP systems, which is set to grow as people across the globe discover its benefits in the field of alternative energy," said Ghaisas.