CSP Today have released the latest updates to the CSP Today Global Tracker, the first CSP-specific online source of up-to-date project and plant data.

This week’s latest changes include:

  • The inclusion of a new 8-10 MW CSP plant planned in Portugal
  • The announcement of the EPC companies selected for the storage component of Cargo Power’s Gujurat Solar 1
  • The movement of one plant into the commissioning phase and one into development

To know more about the CSP Today Global Tracker, download a free trial here: www.csptoday.com/tracker
The CSP Today Global Tracker provides immediate online access to technical and market data along with analysis to help businesses plan a thorough long term strategy. This new tool also allows its users to get live industry updates as soon as something changes, and provides in-depth evaluations on the impact of those changes.

The CSP Today Global Tracker is formed of 5 components:

  • Project Tracker: This consists data on 200+ CSP plants including megawatt range, heat transfer fluid, operating pressure, developer, EPC and utility linked to the project, plus current status, finance and suppliers
  • Markets & Policy Tracker: This section provides data on installed and planned capacity, policy developments, details on how the power is bought and sold in each market, who makes the bidding decisions and incentives; EPC and developers involved in each market plus the total megawatt planned in each CSP emerging region
  • Premium content: This provides more in depth insight analysis on what´s happening in the industry from the industry
  • Quarterly update: Comprising of data taken from both the Project and Markets Tracker to identity the most important changes in the industry during the last 3 months, directly translating these changes from ‘news’ into the impact for a CSP business
  • Annual Reports: Full access to business intelligence reports: CSP Today Markets report, CSP Parabolic Trough report and Solar Tower Report