CSP Today announced the winners of the 1st CSP Today India Awards at a ceremony that took place on Tuesday 12th March, as part of the CSP Today India 2013 conference.

Lauren CCL Engineers was selected because ‘Excellent capabilities, professionalism and team spirit with partners from pre-award through project execution project’ and ‘Keeping a CSP project on schedule within the very difficult working environment is a real achievement’ two anonymous voters said.

Lauren CCL Engineers were awarded also because ‘The company and its team of founders have done a marvellous job of converting opportunities, adapting to the Indian environment as a result are on their way to becoming the leading engineering company in this field in India’.

Lauren CCL Engineers Private Limited is a leader in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), offering engineering, procurement, management and construction services for thermal solar power facilities in India. Lauren CCL is headquartered in Navi Mumbai and is a joint venture of CCL Optoelectronics Pvt. Ltd. and Lauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc., the leading EPC contractor for CSP facilities in the United States.

The winners of this first edition awards include:

CSP Today India Developer Award

Godawari Green Energy

CSP Today India Technology and Supplier Award

Aalborg CSP & Sojitz Corporation

CSP Today India Personality of the Year

J P Tiwari – Godawari Green Energy

The CSP Today Awards are granted to companies that excel in the industry and truly deserve an award for their great efforts on getting CSP further down the competitive route. Those exceptional companies were recognised on the 12th March during the 4th Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit India.

For more information, please contact Matt Carr: matt@csptoday.com