Leaders Summit on Developing China CSP Demonstration Projects & CSPPLAZA 2017 New Year Gathering will be grandly held in Dunhuang on December 28th ~ 29th. This Leaders Summit will be organized by CSPPLAZA and co-organized by Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd., as well as getting great support from Energy Bureau of Dunhuang Gansu.

Feed-in-Tariff policy of China CSP demonstration projects has been officially released. However, under the electricity price of RMB1.15/kWh, it must be very tight for these project owners to complete construction and put them into operation by the end of 2018. While the success or failure of the first batch demonstration projects will have a direct and profound influence on the future of China CSP industry and even the development prospects of every enterprise, so we have no choice but to succeed.

With the desire to earn victory, first, we must be clear about the challenges we are facing. At policy level, we can’t ignore the investment risks under the price of ¥1.15/KWh. We must strive for the strong support of local governments for reduction or exemption of tax, financial subsidies, green credit and land preferential. At financing level, because the amount of investment in CSP plants enormous, we must get through financing channels as soon as possible and try to gain the financing support at a low cost. At technique level, for most of demonstration projects, there exists demand for a technical cooperation in order to clear off the technical risks of the projects. As to the supply side, the enormous marketing purchase demand released from the constructions of all China demonstration projects will be a big final exam for Chinese suppliers as well as a significant opportunity to forge a truly mature manufacturing capacity of localized equipment.


Leaders Summit on Developing China CSP Demonstration Projects & CSPPLAZA 2017 New Year Gathering is held just about to solve the above practical problems and to promote successful construction of demonstration projects. The summit, defined as a high-grade leadership forum, will mostly invite representatives from five parties: government leaders from National Development and Reform Commission, National Energy Administration, China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute and Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute, local government leaders from where each demonstration is located, leaders of the owners of the approved demonstration projects, leaders of the investors(including financial institutions such as fund, financial group of large-scale enterprise, bank and insurance) with an intention of investing in CSP plants, technical support party of CSP development from home and abroad.

This Leaders Summit is the first high-grade industrial leadership forum that will be held after the release of Feed-in-Tariff policy and demonstration projects list. The Summit will have abundant activities including keynote speeches, theme discussions, project tours and CSPPLAZA 2017 New Year Gathering, which will definitely be a very exciting and wonderful gathering. It is worth mentioning that the Summit will take you to have a tour to 3 demonstration projects of 3 different technique routes——Shouhang IHW Dunhuang 10MW Molten Salt Tower CSP project that will be going into operation soon, Dacheng Dunhuang 10MW Molten Salt Fresnel CSP project that is under construction and China’s first 800m Molten Salt Parabolic Trough CSP Test Loop that has been put into operation.


Journalist at CSPPLAZA