Safety valve manufacturer LESER presented its pressure relief valve for concentrated solar power plants at the CSP exhibition in Las Vegas in June.

Parabolic trough systems, which are currently the most widely installed concentrated solar power system, require safety valves to secure the heat transfer fluid (HTF) which can reach up to 150-400°C/300-750 F. Also power tower systems, molten salt heat storage and other renewable energy applications have special application requirements for safety valves.

LESER has designed a safety valve for the special application in the solar field: Securing pressures of up to 40 bar and temperatures of up to 400 °C/750°F, the “Solar Field” product solution based on a “Compact Performance” valve is ideally placed to work in CSP plants. The body material is resistant to heat. With a spring and a balanced bellows made from Inconel, functionality is ensured even at high temperatures and high back pressures up to 80%. Weld-on inlet and outlet ends ensure a tight connection, as do special sealings between bonnet and body to enhance external tightness even for creeping media like HTF. The valve has a test gag in order to be able to do a pressure test of the entire power plant.

The safety valve configuration for concentrated solar power plants from LESER has been successfully installed in more than 30 plants around the globe.

LESER in the USA

LESER has a North American sales, distribution, and service network which includes its own stocking and assembly facility at its head office in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here, LESER maintains a fully operational assembly and setting facility which is certified by the National Board. International certifications enable LESER to supply valves for applications requiring the UV stamp (ASME Section VIII), CE mark, and other worldwide approvals direct from stock. The company supplies high quality ASME-code stamped safety valves to North America for a full range of applications for the oil and gas and offshore industries, but also for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, energy, and food industries and more.

LESER will also be represented at CSP Sevilla in Spain, November 12-13.