The Biscay-based company LOINTEK, a manufacturer of large, high-tech industrial equipment adapted to the unique needs of its clients, has been awarded a disused industrial property by public tender. The site belongs to Biscay Council and was previously owned by Mecánica de la Peña, whose current facilities are adjacent to it.

The venture entails an expansion of LOINTEK’s Urduliz plant by 7,080 square metres, of which 3,500 are already built. The purpose of the endeavour is to consolidate its capacity to manufacture unique equipment in the region. The plant will incorporate three new industrial units measuring 1,000 square metres each, plus a similarly sized multifunctional space for offices and training and research activities.

Boosting R+D

LOINTEK will invest 2 million euros to purchase the site, renovate the three units and acquire the machinery. The launch of the new facilities is scheduled for the second half of this year.

Two of the three new units will be allocated to pipework processes, while the third will be focused on equipment made with what are termed noble materials, such as titanium alloys and stainless metals.

This purchase relates directly to the company’s R+D activity, and specifically to the development of new technologically unique products and special materials. The company’s investment in technology and development reached an average of 3.2% of annual turnover over the last decade.

The renovation and launch of the newly-purchased facilities will also lead to the creation of 20 highly-qualified jobs. At present, 50% of the LOINTEK workforce are university graduates, of whom more than 90% have degrees in engineering. In addition, LOINTEK has its own professional training programme in different manufacturing specialisations.

Biscays industrial heritage

Created in 1996, LOINTEK epitomises Biscay’s industrial heritage as a manufacturer of technical goods with Babcock Wilcox and Mecánica de la Peña, and it is taking another step forward in this path with the acquisition of these units, known as the “Tramaex units” after a company linked to the latter.

In fact, LOINTEK is located in part of the old Mecánica de la Peña facilities in Urduliz, and the plant is still its main manufacturing centre. It had, until recently, an area of 40,000 square metres, which will now increase by 17.5%.

At present, it manufactures the unique components of its equipment in the Biscay region and, depending on the size of the final product, carries out assembly at its plant in Bilbao port which opened in 2015. This plant has a total area of 55,000 square metres, where it is able to produce equipment weighing more than 1,000 tonnes and measuring 100 metres in length.