September 11th, bid opens again for EPC of the 50MW  CSP tower plant in LuNeng hybrid demonstration project which is scheduled to install in Haixi, 2017. The project is planned to optimize hybrid power with molten salt thermal storage.

July 7th, the bid for EPC of the 50MW project was released for the first time, then 5 weeks later on August 14th, the bid was opened by LuNeng Group.

However, LuNeng Group soon announced the former bid was invalid on August 22nd, CSPPLAZA earlier reported.

The same 8 tenders compete for the reopened bid, they are:

1. Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Shouhang)

2. Hebei Electric Power Design & Research Institute

3. SEPCO Electric Power Construction Corporation (SEPCO)

4. SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Corporation

5. SEPCOI Electric Power Construction Corporation (hereafter referred to as SEPCOI)

6. Zhejiang SUPCON Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as SUPCON)

7. Power China Nuclear Engineering Company

8. China Energy Engineering Group Northwest Power Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

SUPCON makes the lowest offer, again.


image: LuNeng Group

What has changed this time?

Last bidding shows a huge gap among tenders, but this time, offers made by 8 tenders are all between 1.2 billion and 1.4 billion CNY(about 183~214 million USD). The gap between the highest and lowest offer is approximately 130 million CNY (about 20 million USD), much less than 200 million CNY (about 30 million USD) in the last bid.

Based on calculations, the standard bidding price is 1.279 billion CNY (about 195.5 million USD).

Based on the price grade, SUPCON tops amid the 8 tenders, followed by SEPCOI. Yet the 0.29 grade gap between the top and the second seems not so effective.

The distinct is, this time, suppliers of the receiver are clarified as CMI, GE, SolarReserve, and Sener. Four in four are oversea companies and none of Chinese receiver suppliers are selected in this bid, which has absolutely impacted tenders manufacturing receiver, such as SUPCON and Shouhang.

Besides, the recommended suppliers for molten salt pump and molten salt valves (both are key equipments) are also oversea ventures. Chinese suppliers have little chance to participate under this rule.

LuNeng 50MW CSP tower project becomes the first and only bid opened CSP project with a released recommendation suppliers list.

LuNeng’s bid includes installing a 50MW super high pressure and high temperature turbine unite, a solar field with molten salt heat receiver and heliostats, a steam generating system and a 12 hrs molten salt TES system.

potd solar 3_edit

Image: CSP tower solar field

Bid winner still veiled

LuNeng will award the contract to winner of the 8 tenders basing on a integrative grading system, in which price, business and technology weight as 5:1:4. Since the prices are actually close, technology grade may become a dominant fact. Nevertheless, the bid winner is still veiled in this reopening.

LuNeng 50MW hybrid CSP tower project has already advanced a lot of 20 Chinese Demo CSP Projects in development manner. LuNeng has announced that the CSP part of the hybrid project will enter construction within this year. In fact, the wind and PV part of the hybrid project have already been under construction since June 30th, 2017.