Recently, LuNeng Group and DuCheng WeiYe Group released EPC tender notice for its 50MW tower CSP station of Haixi autonomous prefecture multi-energy integrated optimization demonstration project. It is stated on the tender notice that the closing date of submitting the bidding application is the same as the bid opening date, which is declared to be 10 a.m., August 7th, 2017.

As it is stated on the notice that this EPC contract covers overall project construction and management. The scope of EPC contract including: overall project supervision; designing; materials supply and procurement (equipments, components, assembly units, tools, building materials are included); supervision on equipment manufacturing; general management of engineering (project quality, safety management, construction period, and investment control are included); building; installation; commissioning; trial operation; technology service; training; grid-connected power generation; function testing; individual acceptance; initial acceptance; performance testing; target realization; completion acceptance; operation and maintenance during pre-check period as well as services during examining period, covering operational optimization, instruction for adjustment and operation, elimination shortcomings in quality warranty period.

Haixi autonomous prefecture multi-energy integrated optimization demonstration project is a renewable energy- based project, which dominated by wind , solar thermal energy, and energy storage. The tender notice released this time is for building a 50MW one time reheat air cooling turbine generation facility with ultrahigh voltage and high temperature; a collector system comprising tower receiver and heliostat field with molten salt as HTF; a steam generation system; a molten salt energy storage system to support turbine generator for at least 12-hour-operation.

Consortiums but comprising no more than two legal persons or organizations are allowed, but agents are not allowed in the tender.

According to the schedule, this project is planned to start grid-connected power generation on November 30th, 2018.