ESTELA presentation on «Market integration barriers and support mechanisms for CSP development in MENA» at World Bank Middle East & North Africa Concentrated Solar Power Knowledge and Innovation Program at Energy Market Integration panel by L. Crespo (2017.03.07 in Ouarzazate)

For countries, like those in the MENA regions, with significant solar resources, CSP technologies offer great potential to meet national goals for clean, secure, and affordable energy. Like many new technologies, there are challenges in bringing CSP to market. So the World Bank, with support from the Clean Technology Fund, in late 2016 launched a Knowledge and Innovation Program to help lay the groundwork for new CSP investment projects in the Middle East and North Africa.This three-year Program is designed primarily as a resource to address knowledge and awareness gaps, to link projects with sources of finance and technical advice, and to promote innovation to enable CSP investments in MENA to move forward faster, and in more countries. The knowledge generated in MENA will also help to facilitate CSP investments elsewhere in the world, creating a virtuous circle of CSP investments and cost reductions through global economies of scale and learning.

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