The Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (Masen) and the industrial consortium Dii last week signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Morocco regarding a cooperation project.

The aim of this cooperation project is the development of a large solar project in Morocco which, among others, will demonstrate the feasibility of the export of solar generated electricity to Europe. Masen will act as project developer and manage the overall process in Morocco, especially the specification of the project and the identification of locations.

Dii will act as an enabler, providing its expertise in developing a feasible business case for the planned solar project. This will include the preparation of economic and regulatory conditions for the export of electricity from the deserts to Europe. Dii will promote the planned solar project in the European Union (EU) and beyond among governments and institutions which have a long-term interest in desert power and the associated socio-economic benefits. As enabler, Dii will itself not invest in the project, nor will it be an operator of related assets and infrastructure.
Masen and Dii will begin their work immediately.
Paul van Son, Dii’s CEO stated: "The cooperation project with Masen is an important step for the implementation of the Desertec vision. Masen and Dii are ideal partners to accelerate the development of renewable energy in Morocco and to establish a market for desert power in Europe. The Dii offers a unique network of international companies that are highly motivated to making desert power a reality. Our cooperation with Masen may spark a new era of cross continent energy cooperation in the energy sector."
Mustapha Bakkoury, President of Masen, said: "With Dii we have a common vision regarding solar energy potential and its ability to provide an answer to both energy and environmental concerns we share with the European Community. Therefore, we strongly believe that a win-win situation can materialise in the short term. Morocco, with its audacious and pro-active solar plan held by Masen, is fully committed to this vision."
Dii is an industrial consortium of over 55 international companies inspired by the Desertec vision. Dii’s mission is to enable the development of large-scale renewable energy power plants, grid infrastructure and an appropriate market environment in the Middle-East and North African (MENA) region, addressing local energy and socio-economic needs as well as the export of renewable electricity to the European Union (EU).
Masen (Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy), which was effectively set up in March 2010, is a limited company with public funding, and which was created by Law no. 57-09 for the implementation of the integrated Moroccan Solar plan and the promotion of solar resources in every aspect. Masen has three main missions: develop solar power plants, contribute to the development of a national expertise and be a force of proposition on the regional and international plans.