Herlogas has achieved a New Record in KATHU CSP Plant, “Melt 1.030Ton/day of Salt with one Melting Furnace”.

In this project Herlogas has completed the process of melting 45,264 tons of salt in 52 days, achieving a new record of averaging 870 tons/day.

Herlogas has also been responsible for heating the salt tanks of the thermosolar plant.

Kathu Solar Park, located in the town of Kathu, province of Northern Cape, South Africa, is a 100 MW CSP solar thermal energy plant. ACCIONA y SENER are members of the consortium that is carrying out this project, which is expected to start operations in the second half of 2018. Kathu Solar Park is a Concentrated Solar Power plant (CSP) equipped with parabolic trough collector technology and a thermal storage system using molten salts to enable 4.5 hours of thermal energy supply, which extends the plant’s operating capacity after sunset. Kathu will produce enough energy to provide for the electricity demand of 150,000 homes.

This new project adds to the long history of Herlogas in more than 31 thermosolar projects with thermal storage in different countries (Spain, USA, South Africa, Morocco, Israel, Kuwait), having successfully carried out the heating of more than 82 tanks of salts and molten more than 600,000 tons of salt.

This new project reaffirms Herlogas in the field of removable energies and confirms Herlogas’ commitment to climate change.

Relevant CSP Conference: CSP Focus Innovation 2018(Oct.25-26, Xi’an, China.)