The webinar, taking place online on Wednesday 18th, 2017 at 2pm Dubai time, is free to attend and it is organized by the World Bank MENA CSP Knowledge & Innovation Program. Places are free but limited, offered on a first come first served basis at:

Heat and steam generation for industrial processes represent a sizeable opportunity for the CSP industry. In industrial processes, the demand for heat is vastly greater than the demand for electricity (74% vs 26%, respectively, of industrial energy end use). In fact, globally, the demand for heat in industry outstrips the total demand for electricity in all sectors.

With this in mind, the World Bank´s MENA CSP Knowledge & Innovation Program has organized a free-to-attend webinar which will explore how advances in concentrating solar thermal energy are widening the scope for reducing fuel costs and lowering emissions for industrial processes. In this webinar, leaders in the field will:

  • Introduce the industries that are most likely to benefit from solar thermal energy to satisfy their heat and steam requirements, including chemicals, food and beverage, mining, textiles, and oil production;
  • Explain how the technology offers a wide range of temperature and pressure options, from below 100°C to above 400°C and from below 20 bar to above 100, and how these serve the requirements of different processes;
  • Share a case study on how Glasspoint is saving natural gas at a major oil field in Oman by using concentrating solar thermal energy for enhanced oil recovery (EoR); and
  • Explore how concentrating solar thermal energy is being applied to mining processes in Chile

Expert panelists include Rodrigo Mancilla of CORFO, Marwan Chaar of Glasspoint, Martin Haagen of Industrial Solar and Viera Feckova of the International Finance Corporation.

To sign up for this webinar please register for free at Places are limited and they will be awarded on first-come, first-served basis.




The MENA CSP Knowledge & Innovation Program aims to accelerate CSP investments in the MENA region. Launched in late 2016 by the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) and the World Bank, this three-year Program has these primary objectives:

  • Addressing knowledge and awareness gaps
  • Linking projects with sources of finance and technical advice
  • Promoting innovation to enable CSP investments in MENA to move forward faster, and in more countries

The knowledge generated in MENA could also facilitate CSP investments elsewhere in the world, creating a virtuous circle of CSP investments and cost reductions through global economies of scale and learning.