Mercedes-Benz has chosen the Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant Gemasolar as the main setting for a new campaign

The Gemasolar solar plant, owned by Torresol Energy, has provided the setting for the new global advertising campaign of the automotive company Daimler, owner of Mercedes-Benz, to promote its new professional vehicle, the new Sprinter van, equipped with innovative technology. In line with the slogan “Pioneer at work”, the German manufacturer, always distinguished by its quality and innovation, has decided to use this plant of unique character located in Andalusia, as visual framework for its campaign, whose guiding theme is the pioneering spirit.

Daimler representatives came from Germany last June to learn more about the solar power plant, after having previously selected this project among the largest engineering and technology works in Europe. During this first visit, they got an insight into the operation of Gemasolar by following the explanations of the Plant’s Director. Gemasolar is the world’s first solar power plant capable of producing power round the clock exclusively by means of solar energy. The plant’s critical technology has been developed by the engineering and technology group SENER, which has also been responsible for its construction.

Pioneer technology, the main theme of this campaign

After their visit, the Mercedes-Benz representatives announced to SENER’s and Torresol Energy’s management that they had been impressed by the state-of-the-art technology implemented in Gemasolar, up to the point that they wanted to extend the initial concept of the campaign based in the plant, whereby they aimed to associate the many innovations of the new Sprinter van with the advances patent in Gemasolar.

Doing so, Mercedes-Benz has not only decided to use this facility as a setting for its print media and TV campaign, which has innovation as the “mission” that share both projects, Gemasolar and the new Sprinter van, but it has also wanted to tell the story of this pioneering installation via an Internet campaign, in which SENER and Torresol Energy engineers, chemists and technicians explain the project themselves, from its very beginning to the commercial operation.

The web presents by means of six videos and three articles featured by the above mentioned professionals the daily operation of the plant, the general history of the project, the safety measures provided and the environmental control techniques used, as well as some innovative products developed by SENER for this type of plants, such as the HECTOR® Heliostat Cleaning Team Oriented Robot. The Gemasolar Plant Director, the Technical Director of Torresol O&M, the Chemical responsible and the Planning and Logistics Manager of the plant, as well as the engineer responsible for the business line of Robotic Cleaning Systems for Solar Plants at SENER, explain in first person their daily work at Gemasolar, showing also their pride for being part of this unique project that has aroused interest in the entire world from its initial conception.

Gemasolar has aroused interest around the world thanks to its uniqueness and has received such prestigious recognition as the European Business Awards 2011, in the Innovation category.


The Mercedes-Benz new Sprinter “Pioneer at work” campaign has been launched this September in Germany and also, from September 19th, in Spain. It will also be seen in other countries of Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

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