Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology with heat storage can now cost-effectively provide 24-hour dispatchable renewable energy in countries with a lot of sunshine. Yet a lack of familiarity with the technology meant that many countries in the Middle East and North Africa were not adopting it.

How we helped

Castalia is co-leading a program to help power system planners throughout the Middle East and North Africa understand how CSP works and the role it can play in their power systems. To generate interest, we organize conferences, webinars, and other outreach. When interest is expressed, we provide rapid, on-demand assistance. This includes: modelling power system expansion to see if CSP is part of the optimal generation mix; assessing sites to determine suitability for CSP plants; carrying out technical and financial pre-feasibility studies; comparing CSP technology options such as towers versus parabolic troughs; and developing transaction concepts, procurement processes, and project-financing structures.


Awareness of CSP has been generated through events such as the CSP and Concentrating Solar Heat Conference we organized in Dubai with over 200 officials, utility executives, and other delegates attending. Modelling for Jordan found CSP is a viable part of its generation expansion plan. The country is now identifying CSP sites and preparing feasibility, transaction, and financing studies in preparation of a project. The Palestinian Energy and Resources Agency is launching a tender for concentrated solar heat on the roof of a hospital in Ramallah, based on a feasibility study and equipment tendering process that we developed. Tunisia is assessing the feasibility of a CSP plant at Akarit.