Major innovations undertaken by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) have placed Dubai in good stead to meet the future, said the utility provider’s top manager on Tuesday on the final day of World Government Summit.

In the opening address of the morning, Saeed Al Tayer, managing director and CEO of Dewa, said, “We were able to raise electricity production to 8.6MW efficiency … without new assets, new turbines, new plants or more fuel.”

Al Tayer said the new Dh50-billion Mohammad Bin Rashid Solar Park project now under construction will provide 5,000MW of clean energy, adding generating capacity to Dubai’s power grid and reducing “6.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions”.

The project to build a concentrated solar power project using thousands of mirrors will direct collected sunlight to a 260-metre-tall tower, the tallest in the world, said Al Tayer.

By the end of each day, the project will store up to seven per cent of daily electricity production to provide off-peak time power to consumers.

The solar project is one of 1,700 solar power projects across Dubai, he said, which will help meet growing electricity demands as the emirate’s population grows in the future.

The provider is also working on boosting water-production capacity, said Al Tayer, using solar power to reduce greenhouse gases and desalinate millions of gallons of water for public consumption.

Al Tayer said he was pleased with the results that show 79 per cent of Dewa customers have reported they are happy with the service.