Up to 70% of Namibia’s electricity demand is imported, mostly from South Africa and to a lesser extent form Zimbabwe and Zambia. NamPower, Namibia’s national power utility, is pursuing comprehensive energy provision and supply efficiency throughout Namibia. Concentrated solar power especially with storage, has been regarded as one of the renewable priorities to be developed by NamPower. With an annual DNI of up to 3,000 kWh/㎡, CSP technology fits perfectly with the needs of the country.


A pre-feasibility study for establishment of CSP plants in Namibia conducted earlier in 2012 identified over 33,000 k㎡ of available land with a theoretical potential of more than 250 GW of CSP to be deployed.


As Ms. Margaret Mutschler, Head of Generation and Renewable Projects from Nampower, one of CSP Focus South Africa 2016 Nov.23-24 Johannesburg speakers told CSP Focus, “NamPower is pursuing the CSP technology as one of the supply mix options in Namibia in all earnestly and by November will have a lot of information and clarity on project description, procurement and funding models.” It is great to know that Namibia will shortly be on the CSP map. Margaret has been heading the division implementing new conventional and renewable power station projects. One of her favorite projects is the development of a CSP power station as well as a CSP road map for Namibia, paving the way to use CSP technology as an affordable heat and electricity energy source.

File to free download: Pre-Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Pre-Commercial CSP Plant in Namibia