Namibia Power Corporation (NamPower) tendered in November for a new impact assessment to build the country’s first CSP plant which could see as much as 200 MW of capacity built on an unused coal plant site.

According to the tender document, NamPower wants the new CSP plant’s capacity to be between 50 MW and 200 MW and «employ thermal storage to support the latest proven CSP technology as a power generation solution.»

NamPower intends to develop on a site which was designated for a discontinued coal-fired power station project, situated 10 km north-east of Arandis in the region of Erongo.

«This will allow NamPower to accelerate the implementation as the critical studies are already completed,» the tender document states.


The size of the storage capacity will be matched to the dispatch profile, «which could be between either mid merit or base load dispatch,» the tender says.

Cooling will be based on air cooled condensers and the transmission connection to the grid will be at the Kahn substation. The water supply will be provided by NamWater or, if required, other desalinated water providers.

Namibia has more than 33,000 square km of potential sites for CSP development that could accommodate more than 250 GWe of projects.