The third quarter of 2014 has been all but quiet for the Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) industry with a number of crucial announcements made over the last three months.

The latest edition of the CSP Today Quarterly Update analyses key developments in South Africa, Saudi Arabia, the USA, India and Australia as key markets to keep an eye on for Q4 2014.

Big questions:

– What are the implications of AREVA’s departure of the CSP industry, considering its large-scale projects in India, Australia and South Africa?

– What do the agreements signed between Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K.A. CARE) and the Chinese National Nuclear Corporation mean for the advancement of CSP in Saudi Arabia?


South Africa made front page news thanks to several investment announcements. The first came on 23 June 2014, when the African Development Bank approved a $142 million loan for the Xina Solar One project. It was followed by the US Trade and Development Agency’s grant to the !Xun Khwe and Metsimatala projects.

August was not far behind in terms of news for the South African CSP market. On 6 August 2014, the Development Bank of Southern Africa announced it had signed a ZAR 1.4 billion finance contract with the European Investment Bank (EIB) for the development of the KaXu Solar One project. A day later, the EIB also confirmed a loan of EUR 75 million for the Eskom project.

India registered increased activity over the summer period too, with the announcement that a national CSP Research and Development Centre was being built at the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur. Later, in June, the Karnataka State released a request for proposal for 500 MW of solar including both CSP and PV projects.

On the flip side, news from Australia concerning SolarReserve’s exit from the utility-scale retail CSP market came our way. It was coupled with the announcement of ARENA’s funding cut of AUS$ 439.9 million.
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The September 2014 edition of the CSP Today Quarterly Update delves into the latest developments since June 2014. Currently there are 30 CSP-active markets listed on the CSP Today Global Tracker. Of these, ten markets experienced significant changes over the past quarter, all of which are discussed in this edition.
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