SUPERGRID 2013 will take place on Tuesday, 19 March 2013 from 10h00 to 17h00.

Friends of the Supergrid – FOSG are a group of leading global companies with a mutual interest in promoting the policy and regulatory framework required to enable a European Supergrid. Supergrid is defined as “a pan-European transmission network facilitating the integration of large-scale renewable energy and the balancing and transportation of electricity, with the aim of improving the European market”.

Supergrid is not an extension of existing or planned point to point HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) interconnectors between particular EU Member States. On the contrary, Supergrid will better integrate renewable energy into the continent’s energy mix and bring these renewable sources to lead centres across Europe.

Our last year event confirmed that no “show-stoppers” exist to the development of a European Supergrid. The availability of key grid technologies is assumed and point-to-point connections could be expanded to multi-terminal building blocks for a larger overlaid grid.

The critical time-line for the introduction of new technologies now lies primarily in solving non-technical issues such as, political support and leadership, harmonization of Grid Codes, regulatory procedures and revenue models that will create a strong market growth and technology push. But:

  • Are existing regulatory barriers being “de facto” removed or lowered?
  • Are the present proposed point to point interconnection projects the basis for a Supergrid?
  • Any further steps made in attracting investors to grid developments?
  • Is the coming TENs Regulation the framework to enable a future Supergrid?
  • Which concrete actions can be taken to improve public acceptance?

The 1st award ceremony for the best Supergrid-related project of the year 2012 will take place in the framework of the 2013 Supergrid conference.

The SUPERGRID 2013 Conference will take place at the Wolubilis in Brussels ( and will be a one day event. Please register your interest in attending via this website and we will send you details.