The winners will be announced during the Gala Dinner at the International CSP Week in Sevilla this November.

The CSP Today Awards 2013 has now officially launched the opening of nominations. Already on its 5th edition, the awards are granted to companies that excel in the industry and truly deserve an award for their great efforts on getting CSP further down the competitive route.

This year categories include CSP Technology Innovation Award, CSP Engineering Performance Award, CSP Dispatchability Solution Award and Emerging Market Achievement Award. They will be awarded by a prestigious panel of judges including Luis Crespo, President of ESTELA, and Valeriano Ruiz, President of CTAER.

Moreover, there will be a special category for Industry Choice Award which is voted for by the industry itself during the Awards Dinner.

Alison Mason, Director of Marketing from Skyfuel, past winners of the CSP Technology Supplier Awards, commented: “As a parabolic trough company on the cutting edge of innovation, winning the Technology Supplier Award from the CSP Today community was a strong sign of validation for us – that the industry appreciates the unique upfront and long term economic benefits of our solution.”

The Awards Ceremony is organized by CSP Today in conjunction with the International CSP Week 2013 which will take place on the 11-14 November with over 500 attendees. The Gala dinner, in which the awards will be granted, will be hosted on the evening of the 12th November at the Hotel Barceló Renacimiento in Sevilla, Spain.