The TuNur concentrated solar power (CSP) project would export electricity to as many as 2.5 million homes.

Low Carbon has increased its stake in the company behind a plan to export solar energy from Tunisia to Europe.

Nur Energie’s TuNur project includes 2GW of concentrated solar power (CSP) plants and a submarine high-voltage DC line from North Africa to Italy.

“By engaging with Nur Energie, we can both increase our global reach to encompass crucial developments in the Mediterranean region while supporting a tried and tested technology that will generate utility-scale renewable energy to be deployed in the UK and Europe,” said Roy Bedlow, CEO, Low Carbon.

According to Nur Energie, the output of the projects would be sufficient to power 2.5 million European homes.

“Since day one Nur Energie has been focused on utility -scale climate change mitigation by opening new energy corridors,” said Kevin Sara, CEO, Nur Energie. “This latest investment by Low Carbon will help drive this strategy and together we will be a strong force in helping to decarbonise Europe at an affordable price,” added Sara.

Plans to link electricity grids across the Mediterranean have been touted by the Desertec consortium.