Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd (NWEPDI) signed contract with Shouhang to be the engineer for Shouhang Yumen 100 MW Molten Salt Tower Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Project.

NWEPDI will be responsible for the survey and design work for the 100 MW Tower solar thermal project owned and developed by Shouhang High Tech. The CSP project is supposed to break ground very soon.

The 100MW tower project with the original name of Gansu Jinta 100MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project, is amongst China first batch of 20 pilot CSP projects granted in 2016, and was taken over by Shouhang from the previous investor Three Gorges. With the investment from Shouhang, the project will be restarted and expecting final COD before Dec 30th 2021 after the past three and half years’ suspension.

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Yumen Shouhang project will take molten salt tower solar thermal power technology equipped with 12 hours’ thermal storage system. The project has successfully held feasibility study meeting in December 2019 last year in Beijing, and NWEPDI wrote and edited the feasibility report.

Currently Shouhang owns a 10MW+100MW Tower Plant in operation, two 100MW CSP projects to be constructed, and two EPC contracts of 50MW CSP projects, accumulating investment of RMB 12 billion.

NWEPDI took part in five out of the seven operational CSP projects in China, for instance, the Institute acts as the role of EPC for the CPECC Hami 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project, and undertook the design tasks for Supcon Solar Delingha 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project, Dacheng Dunhuang 50MW Molten Salt Fresnel Project and Gansu Akesai 50MW Molten Salt Trough Project. Moreover, NWEPDI also participated in overseas CSP projects as engineer and designer like the Morocco NOOR III 150MW Tower CSP Project.

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