The Authority had commissioned a study on suitable alternative energy resources and to set up renewable energy projects in the sultanate.

The Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) has identified four potential locations for the establishment of large-scale solar power projects, and land has been allocated at two of these places, according to a senior official.

Speaking to Muscat Daily on the sidelines of the Oman Power and Water Summit on Tuesday at Al Bustan Palace Hotel, Dr Ali bin Hamed al Ghafri, assistant chairman for international relations and media at PAEW, said that as many as 23 locations were identified and tested in the study, adding that northern Oman was found most feasible for solar power projects, while some parts in the south were found appropriate for wind energy projects.

“Of these 23 locations, four – Adam, Manah, Al Khaboura and Ibri – have been identified as most feasible for solar power projects. Adam and Manah have been identified for large-scale projects. Land at these two locations has already been allocated and tenders are being studied and awaiting final approval,” Dr Ghafri said.

He said the solar power projects in Adam and Manah will be large-scale projects, in the 100MW-200MW range, while a plan is being laid out on whether to use solar photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) technology for the project.

“Power demand is growing at an annual 8-10 per cent. So we have to think about alternative sources of power and renewable energy is feasible and helps save loads,” added Dr Ghafri.

He added that PAEW has carried out a study for developing a master plan to achieve energy efficiency and conservation in the sultanate.