The international CSP community is meeting this 13–14 November as CSP Today Sevilla Summit returns in its sixth year, complete with site visits to Palma del Rio II & Gemasolar and the 4th edition of the CSP Today Awards.

It is no secret that the Concentrated Solar Thermal community is battling hard to become a true contender in the global energy mix. The industry is now facing one of the most challenging times of all, due to the global economic downturn, lower prices in other energy sources and most importantly, the drastic cuts in Spanish subsidies for all renewables.

But amidst the backdrop of a challenging CSP market in Europe, opportunities still abound as long as the industry commences to expand into new markets, technologies and applications to ensure its longevity and profitability.

For that reason, the 6th International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit taking place today and tomorrow in Sevilla, has a special focus on industry diversification and new international opportunities for markets and technologies. This year’s highlights and new features include:

• International Delegations: Government representatives and local/private companies will be available for one to one meetings to discuss how to enter these new markets: South Africa, India, China, Chile and Namibia

• Diversification is the key: You will learn how the second generation of molten salts, hydraulic components and hybridization will revolutionize the industry in 2013, dramatically reducing the costs of CSP projects

• CSP Today Sevilla Awards 2012: You will meet and interact with industry leaders in the only celebration that honors the efforts and achievements of the industry, year after year

• Two Site Visits: Palma del Rio II and Gemasolar. An excellent way to both experience an operational CSP plant and increase your network of contacts in a more relaxed atmosphere

Additionally, the speaker list this year includes leading developers like Abengoa, Acciona, ACS Cobra & Torresol Energy, along with the main CSP players from South Africa, Chile, Morocco and India, including Eskom, Ministry of Energy of Chile, Godawari Energy from India, Control Electricity Borad from Namibia and many more. These major players will be joined by senior stakeholders from the global CSP value chain, like: Aries, TSK, IDOM, Skyfuel, Areva, Novatec, Hawe and more.

For a complete list of speakers, international delegations, sponsors, this year’s agenda and conference features, download a complimentary copy of the brochure here: