On December 28th, 2016, Leaders Summit on Developing China CSP Demonstration Projects & CSPPLAZA 2017 New Year Gathering (CPM2017) was grandly held in Dunhuang China. This Leaders Summit was organized by CSPPLAZA, co-organized by Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd., co-sponsored by Royal Tech CSP Limited, with dinner parties sponsored by Rayspower Energy Group Co.,Ltd., as well as getting great support from Energy Bureau of Dunhuang Gansu.

Though there were some unfavorable factors, such as nearing China’s New Year’s Day festival, freezing weather and flights shortage, 12 exhibitors, more than 230 companies and 530 delegates participated in this leaders summit.



image: the conference site



image: the exhibition site

Conference Agenda:
During the whole day of December 28th and the morning of December 29th, the summit completed 5 rounds of group discussions and a number of keynote speeches, achieving a series of substantial outcomes.



image: group discussions

Surrounding the summit topic of “Towards a New CSP Pattern with Close Integration among Government, Finance, Technology and Supplier”, the conference agenda of this summit is mainly made up of 6 contents: administration of CSP demonstration projects, how local governments to support the development of demonstration projects, management modes for the development and construction of demonstration projects, technical and engineering problems during the development of CSP demonstration projects, financing challenge for the development of CSP demonstration projects and equipment purchasing and supplying for the development of CSP demonstration projects.

The invited guests from government, finance, technique suppliers, equipment suppliers and project owners made great speeches based on the above meeting subjects. They also shared their valuable and wonderful views, combining their own experience and in different perspectives, on how to smoothly boost the development of the first batch of demonstration projects during the group discussions.

3 Plant-tours
On the afternoon of December 29th, CSPPLAZA organized over 430 delegates to visit Shouhang IHW Dunhuang 10MW Molten Salt Tower CSP project and Dacheng Dunhuang 10MW Molten Salt Fresnel CSP project.

Shouhang IHW Dunhuang 10MW Molten Salt Tower CSP project was just formally put into operation on December 26th. This visit was the project’s first public opening to the outside since the project’s formal operation.



image: project visiting—Shouhang 10MW Molten Salt Tower CSP project

Dacheng Dunhuang 10MW Molten Salt Fresnel CSP project was the pilot project for the national Dacheng 50MW CSP demonstration projects,which was also the biggest under-construction molten salt fresnel project around the world.



image: project visiting—Dacheng 10MW Molten Salt Fresnel CSP project

On the morning of December 30th, more than 300 delegates visited China’s first 800m Molten Salt Parabolic Trough CSP Test Loop, which is located in Aksai, 70km away from Dunhuang. It is worth mentioning that the project owner completely opened its solar field, heat-storage island and conventional island to the delegates, and they all reflected that they gained a lot from this visiting.



image: project visiting—Aksai 800m Molten Salt Parabolic Trough CSP Test Loop