Solar Tower Technologies AG (STT) announces several bidding rounds offering technologies for concentrated solar tower plants during Q1-2015.

The bidding rounds on will cover technologies related to the solar island design, receiver design, heliostat design, control system and receivers for gas turbines.

In a first bidding round STT will offer the ownership of two patents, Patent #1 on the design of a solar island and Patent #2 on a multi section receiver. Both patents have official positive international reports on the patentability of all claims.

The application of the technologies covered by both patents allows for new options in the design of solar tower plants which can lead to increased efficiency of the solar tower system and reduction of required reflector and ground area.

Interested companies can request official documents for the first bidding round directly from Solar Tower Technologies via and can provide a binding offer for exclusive or non-exclusive ownership of the patents by latest, Monday, 26th January 2015, Solar Tower Technologies AG.

Solar Tower Technologies AG (STT), Starnberg / Munich, Germany is a technology company providing products, systems and solutions for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants based on tower plants, particularly heliostat fields and receivers. The company’s mission is to lead the development of technology, demonstration and deployment of next generation solar tower plants and their components.