At the beginning of February, Huafeng Energy, one of China leading energy project developers, signed MoU with Akesai government to jointly develop concentrated solar power (CSP) project with total capacity of 1 GW. Mr. Hemei Qiu, General Manager and Mr. Zhiqiang Dong, Deputy General Manager of Huafeng Energy CSP Business Unit paid a visit earlier to the CSP Base in Akesai and conducted in-depth discussions on the such a 10 GW large-scale CSP park with the local officials. Especially for the first phase of 300MW parabolic trough CSP project, the two sides signed the Agreement to list the first 300MW plant as one of their key projects and set up a specific group matching the work between government and enterprise so as to promote the implementation of the project smoothly.

Huafeng Energy has been active in developing CSP projects and promoting CSP industrial revolution since 2017. Earlier in August 2017, Huafeng signed MoU with Yumen Government to invest on a 200MW CSP project. And later in December, another CSP project—2 x 100MW parabolic trough CSP project, which was the first CSP plant developed by Huafeng located in Hami completed the review of feasibility study.

The General Manager in Huafeng CSP, Mr. Hemei Qiu ever served as the Chief Engineer of CGN Solar Energy Development Co., Ltd, and had involved in the early development and design of CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP project, which is expected to be completed soon and become China 1st pilot CSP plant. As one of the pioneers of China CSP industry, Mr. Qiu has valuable and rich experience in CSP technology, power plant construction and development.

Free report: Brief analysis on the construction of China CGN Delingha 50MW CSP demonstration project

Recently, Mr. Qiu has been communicating with CSP Focus on the development of China CSP industry. “As a matter of fact, the 1st batch of 20 pilot CSP projects in China is progressed more slowly than expected. Only quite few of projects can be completed by the end of 2018. However, we should not judge and tell the future of CSP industry by simply the completion of the first batch of pilot projects. The reason why the government encourages the development and construction of the first 20 pilot CSP projects is to verify the technology and feasibility of CSP project implementation, and cultivate local CSP industrial value chain, explore and form a supporting regulatory mechanism.”

In recent years, China CSP industry has made great progress and some positive changes are taking place. Through years of study and practice, China has successfully built commercial solar thermal power stations like SUPCON 10MW tower CSP plant and Shouhang 10MW molten salt tower CSP plant. The local value chain is becoming mature, and making great contribution to several traditional industries like chemicals, iron and steel, engineering and construction.

During the upcoming CSP Focus China 2018 (March 22-23, Beijing), Mr. Hemei Qiu will make a speech to share experience and thoughts on the development and construction of large scale CSP project, and elaborate on suggestions especially on the early stage of CSP project development, such as design of the power station, formulation of contract, bidding etc.. At the same time, Mr. Qiu also expressed his hope to attend such a great gathering for China and global CSP peers, “As a China CSP player, I would like to discuss more on the future development of CSP industry in China, and get the answer on how to reflect and exchange the real demand of CSP industry to the government, so as to promote the morale of CSP industry, strengthen confidence, and work together to promote the real development of China CSP industry.” Click to see the deitals: CSP Focus China 2018.