The final list and electricity price of China CSP demonstration project are due to be issued by the end of December,2015. In January, 2016, China CSP demonstration projects will enter the preparatory work phase. For the majority of demonstration projects, the chief problems they are facing are financing, source of technology and selection of cooperation partners. In this critical time, CSPPLAZA will hold a summit (China CSP Demonstration Projects Development and Industry Cooperation Summit: CPM2016) themed by “cooperation for demonstration projects development”.


By the end of December 15th, there are more than 300 people from over 150 companies sign up and participate in this event, including some international leading enterprises, such as SBP、CSPServices、Flabeg、Rioglass、AGC、krohne、CCO、DNVGL、SolarReserve etc. If you want to enter the China CSP market, this event will provide you best opportunities.

If you are interested in participating the event, please feel free to contact with us for further information.