Recently, the construction work of the 9MWe linear Fresnel DSG solar thermal power plant which is developed by SUNCNIM, the subsidiary of the French industrial group CNIM, has made new progress. The first batch of mirrors has been installed in place. This project began construction in October 2016 and is excepted to be put into operation within 2 years.

According to previous report from CSPPLAZA, this 9MW commercialized water working medium Fresnel CSP plant is located in Llo region, Pyrenees Mountains, France. It completed the financing and began construction on October 14th of last year. Euro-bank funds accounted for 75% and private equity funds accounted for 25%. With a total investment of 60 million euros (about 478 million yuan), the project will be equipped with 4 hours of heat storage system.

It is understood that the project covers an area of 36 hectares and has 23800 collectors. 95200 mirrors will be set up and the total aperture area is 153,000 square meters. In addition, nine energy accumulators will be equipped to meet 4 hours of storage time. Once completed, the project will meet the electricity consumption of more than 6,000 households. EDF ( Electricité de France ) signed a 20-year power purchase agreement on the project with SUNCNIM.

The biggest highlight of the project is that instead of choosing the most common molten salt working medium as a heat storage medium, it chose the steam to storage heat. Back in 2010, the company built a 500KW small-type Fresnel water working medium demonstration project in the region of La Seyne sur Mer and the project is equipped with a steam generation system to test the actual operating results.


Pic: Small-type demonstration system built in 2010

Sylvain LEGRAND, the general manager of SUNCNIM, said in the earlier interview with CSPPLAZA that the project has been supported greatly by the French government, the signed power price of the project is 300 euros/MWh, about twice of China’s demonstration projects’feed-in tariff. In the past four years, they have got the local government’s building permits and completed the project’s design and financing work.
The following pictures shows the orderly development process of the eLLO power plant after the completeness of the finance.


Pic: construction site ( filmed in October 2016)


Pic: the project civil work was underway (filmed on December 1, 2016)


Pic: the project infrastructure work completed as scheduled in winter (filmed on February 15, 2017)


Pic: the first masts were installed in place (filmed on March 25, 2017)


Pic: about half masts were installed in place (filmed in April 2017)


Pic: the first mirrors are installed in place (filmed at the end of July 2017)