The new law will allow decisive progress towards the decarbonisation of the economy, facilitating an optimal combination of all renewable technologies, such as concentrated solar power, wind energy and PV.

The Spanish Association for the Promotion of the Solar Thermal Industry (Protermosolar) expresses its satisfaction with the beginning of the processing of the Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition that will allow decisive progress towards the decarbonisation of the economy and, in particular, of electricity generation , fulfilling the objectives of the PNIEC and the European Green Pact.
For Protermosolar it is very important that the law differentiates calls for technologies or functionalities that allow responding to the needs of the system. Renewables are very different from each other and only in a planned way can the best combination of them be achieved, which will allow the reduction of emissions at the minimum cost.
The new law will also be an important lever for the relaunch of the economy, reinforcing an industrial sector with enormous export possibilities. In the specific case of the solar thermal sector, there are already specific actions on the existing plants, which have been presented to the Ministry, which could immediately contribute to said reactivation.

Protermosolar is the association that represents the Spanish sector of the solar thermoelectric industry. Solar thermal technology, in which Spain is an international leader, has recently broken into the renewable energy landscape worldwide and currently has great growth potential due to its energy storage capacity and being able to dispatch it conveniently, for its revitalizing effect on the economy and local employment and its trajectory of cost reduction. The installed capacity in Spain is 2,300 MW, representing a third of the world’s installed capacity, with a presence of Spanish companies in practically all projects in operation or construction.