The Spanish companies are involved in 64% of concentrating solar projects in development or construction worldwide.

The business association Protermosolar indicates that 82% of the cumulative installed concentrated solar power in the world, of 2,580 megawatts (MW) in 2012, is marked Spain, while 73% are owned by Spanish CSP developers.

The Spanish companies are involved in 64% of concentrating solar projects in development or construction worldwide, and have a presence in markets such as USA, South Africa, Morocco and Abu Dhabi, where CSP plants are raised with a business volume of 10,000 million euros, according to Protermosolar.

However, Protermosolar warns that Spanish CSP global leadership is "endangered" by the reduced ability of internationalization of their companies, which have been "severely impacted" by national regulation.

If all the world’s current initiatives to build concentrating solar power plants totaling 3163 MW, the Spanish companies currently are involved in the installation of 2,037 MW, all of them outside Spain.

The Spanish companies involved as promoters or awarded contracts for turnkey or EPC primarily in the United States, South Africa, Morocco and Abu Dhabi, in solar thermal power plants that represent a business volume of 10,000 M €. These companies are also working on other projects in countries like India, Mexico, Chile or Australia.

In these countries, the projects ‘mark Spain’ promote employment and generate wealth throughout the local supply chain. In Spain, for example, each plant needs a job equivalent of 2,214 person / years during all phases, from design and manufacture of equipment installation. The local component of this work has grown steadily and today, a solar project generates between 50% and 80% of purchases in the supply chain of the country where it grows.

Spain, in 2012, maintained its international leadership in the concentrated solar power industry. So, at year end, had an aggregate installed capacity of 2,580 MW worldwide. Of these, 2,117 MW (82%) have been promoted or developed (design, engineering, supply of components, construction and installation) by Spanish companies and 73% are owned by industrial groups in Spain.

According Protermosolar, the growing internationalization of the promoter companies or construction of solar thermal projects could be reduced, in the coming years due to lack of resources that are leading the recent regulatory changes, retroactive, in the sector.

In 2012, solar activity reached a cumulative installed capacity of 1,970 MW in Spain, with a power output of 3,432 GWh, and is expected to reach 2,300 MW by the end of 2013.