The Gemasolar Concentrated Solar Power plant, owned by Torresol Energy and designed and built by SENER, has appointed Raúl Mendoza as its new Plant Director.

Until now, Mendoza was the plant’s Chief of Operations, and he has been on its team since before the plant began its commercial operation. The responsibilities of his new position will include ensuring that the facility is operating optimally toward the objective of increasing electrical production, continuing with the reductions in operating costs, and maintaining Torresol Energy’s stringent safety standards for all of its facilities.

Mendoza has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry from Universidad de Sevilla and a master’s degree in Occupational Risk Prevention from Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. He joined Torresol Energy in 2010 as part of the Gemasolar team, and in 2012 he was appointed Chief of Operations, the position he is now leaving to become head of the plant. Other highlights of his career to date include his time directing a pulp processing plant for Unión Industrial Papelera, S.A. (UIPSA).

Gemasolar is the first commercial scale thermosolar plant to apply central tower receiver and heat storage technology using molten salts, and is the only such plant in the world that can generate 24 hours of uninterrupted power from solar power alone, thanks to SENER’s technology. In 2014 (its fourth year of commercial operation), the plant’s production continued to exceed expectations, and the forecasts for 2015 are pointing in the same direction. Meanwhile, it has maintained its level of zero serious accidents since its commissioning. Moreover, it remains an icon of innovation and sustainability both in the concentrated solar power sector and in society as a whole, as can be seen by how keen other industries are to link themselves to Gemasolar’s image.