Rioglass Solar is proud to introduce its cutting edge and unrivaled non-degradable receiver tube, the ‘UVAC X’. This next generation receivers provides our clients superior performance and sets a new benchmark for thermal heat production using parabolic trough technology.
To date, when modeling the electricity production of a plant, project developers assume a certain degradation of the Receiver’s coating efficiency over the lifetime of the plant.
Consequentially, developers have to increase the size of their solar field to compensate for the associated reduction in output, and to factor in the reduction in electricity production in their plant’s financial model.

The Rioglass non-degradable ‘UVAC X’ now enables developers to dramatically increase their thermal energy production throughout the lifetime of their project, and to reduce the size of their solar field without compromising on generated output. This enables developers to dramatically improve the LCOE (levelized cost of energy) of their CSP installations by both increasing the electricity output of their plant and reducing the CAPEX of the plant at the same time.


Rioglass is an international company headquartered in Belgium with offices located across the globe and highly automated manufacturing facilities operating in Europe, the Middle East,
Africa and the United States. Awarded the CSP Today Technology Innovation Award in 2011 and 2013, proves Innovation is embedded in the company´s culture. Rioglass was the first company to introduce tempered parabolic mirrors and commercially deploy heliostat mirror facets with an integrated support structure, as well as the first company to introduce large diameter receivers to the market. The ‘UVAC X’ is the company’s new state-of-the-art solution for superior thermal heat production using parabolic trough technology.
Capitalizing on an extensive experience of over 30 years of engineering in the CSP and related industries, Rioglass is now the world’s leading supplier of concentrating mirrors and CSP receiver tubes.