The demands on the quality and contents of solar and meteorological data sets increase rapidly with the growth in Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and other solar energy systems. This document is the final deliverable of the SolarPACES Project: “Beyond TMY,” and it is produced as a final and summarized information presented in the report Discussion of currently used practices for: “Creation of Meteorological Data Sets for CSP/STE Performance Simulations”.


High quality ground-based measurements of global, direct and diffuse solar radiation are of fundamental importance. This includes proper quality control and gap-filling procedures. Satellite-derived data site-adapted with the ground-based measurements provide global coverage. Uncertainty assessments of both these data sources are essential. Furthermore, long-term solar resource scenarios and auxiliary meteorological data are important. Reanalysis data from weather models and the prospects of realistic multi-year generation are all main topics that we summarize in this road map.

This roadmap aims to help non-experts in solar radiation or meteorological information in the understanding of the current state of the art and the needed steps for the Creation of Advanced Meteorological Data Sets for CSP Performance Simulations.

Report Title: Road Map for Creation of Advanced Meteorological Data Sets for CSP Performance Simulations


Authors: Lourdes Ramírez, Kristian Pagh Nielsen,Frank Vignola, Manuel Blanco, Philippe Blanc,   Richard Meyer


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