Originally scheduled to take place on 7 May 2013, the Third Bid Submission Date has been postponed to 19 August 2013.

The rationale behind the delay is to give the Department time to reconsider aspects of the RFP that will allow Government to integrate lessons learnt in the first and second bidding rounds into the third bidding round:

"The Department is of the view that the need to update aspects of the RFP to take account of, amongst other matters, all the questions that have been raised with the Department and some of the lessons learned during the First and Second Bid Submission Phases (including lessons learned in completing the First Bid Submission Phase) has not yet been fully and properly considered by the Department, and will require further consideration in the months of January, and perhaps February, 2013".


"The Department wishes to give potential Bidders sufficient time to consider the updated RFP and believes that a further postponement of a few months is appropriate."

Delay seems to be a common theme in South Africa’s with financial closure for window 1 being delayed twice.

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