Sun to Market Solutions, with headquarter in Madrid, Spain, have recently opened offices in South Africa and Chile in January 2013.


Two new offices cater the solar consulting and engineering services in the newly developed solar markets. With the two new offices, S2m operates from seven locations worldwide. At S2m, we carry out solar resource analysis and prediction as well as develop and implement software and hardware solutions to analyze, design and optimize solar power plants.

Sun to Market Solutions was founded in response to the growing need for reliable and independent technical support and engineering services in the renewable energy sector.

We believe that the key to the success of any enterprise is a thorough understanding of its legal, economic, technical, social and environmental aspects. This, we feel, is the foundation for selecting and developing projects that are best suited to the investor.

Sun to Market Solutions is a solar engineering company offering a wide range of services for solar thermal power plants & photovoltaic power plants. As solar consultant we have gained extensive experience and years of combined know-how as engineers & technical advisors to solar energy project developers, financial institutions, construction companies, consulting firms, governments, manufacturesrs, and many more. We provided solar consulting services for solar thermal power plants and photovoltaic projects across the globe being certified according to the ISO 9001 and UNE 166002 in 2011.