A 124kWt linear Fresnel system, supported by Soltigua together with its project partner IRIS Technologies, is in the successful commissioning in Saudi Arabia recently, which marks another step towards green energy in the MENA region.

Soltigua provides both the linear Fresnel and a containerized Balance of Plant for the solar system.And the system will be used by the KFUPM University to heat air up to 200C to run a desiccant wheel for air dehumidification.

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Founded more than 100 years ago, Soltigua can offer three different solar tracking technologies for PV trackers, parabolic troughs and linear Fresnel collectors. In 2006, solar concentrating technologies were chosen as a sector in which the company’s activities could be diversified by redeploying the technical skills accumulated over the years. Besides, Soltigua has provided parabolic trough and linear Fresnel collectors for projects in Italy, Morocco, Spain and Chile.

In the field of parabolic trough collectors, Soltigua has advanced products like PTM and PTMx, featuring fully automatic (PLC- based), modular designand high performing receiver. PTMX parabolic trough collector, well-known for its high performance and low cost, has won the Intersolar award for innovation in 2012 because of its weather-resistant and safe tempered glass mirrors.

In addition, to test technical reliability and feasibility in the field like CSP, solar process heat and solar cooling , Soltigua have cooperated with several European solar R&D institutes, including Fraunhofer ISE、DLR、SPF Rapperswill. Participation in European Commission-funded projects makes Soltigua the excellence of European know-how in solar energy.