SCHOTT Solar will be presenting its latest product highlights at Solarexpo in Verona (Italy) between 4 and 6 May 2011.


    Solar technology specialist to present latest product highlights in hall 5, stand B 3.1. Focus on building-integrated InDaX solutions. The focus at the international trade fair and expert conference on renewable energies will be on the SCHOTT Poly double glass, SCHOTT ASI double glass, SCHOTT Poly glass foil modules, SCHOTT Mono and rear-contact modules product series. In particular, SCHOTT Solar will be concentrating on the new roof-integrated solutions from the SCHOTT InDaX product family. The portfolio will be presented by SCHOTT Solar in hall 5 at stand B 3.1.

“New discussions on funding guidelines are currently taking place in Italy. Even though this has led to some uncertainties in the market, building-oriented PV systems will certainly continue to be well funded, with the focus on building-integrated systems. In SCHOTT InDaX, we have the best conditions in this area to improve our position on the Italian market even further,” explained Roland Neuner, Director of Sales for PV Building Solutions at SCHOTT Solar AG.

The 4th generation of SCHOTT InDaX replaces the traditional roof materials entirely and assumes a dual function: generation of clean solar power and reliable roof cladding. The modules can be installed quickly and simply and have a high energy output.

At the SCHOTT Solar stand, visitors to Solarexpo 2011 can inform themselves about the new generation of double glass: SCHOTT Poly double glass is designed for permanent use on rooftops. The SCHOTT ASI double glass thin-film modules are characterised by their high level of performance stability and durability.

In addition, SCHOTT Solar will be showcasing tried and tested members of its product family, such as SCHOTT Poly glass foil modules with their particularly high rated output and monocrystalline high-performance SCHOTT Mono modules with their high cell efficiency factor.

Concerning solar power, photovoltaics is not the only available option. Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology provides for electricity generation as well, above all for large-scale applications. Amongst the various CSP processes, solar power plants with parabolic trough technology have proven their practical value for more than 20 years. SCHOTT Solar is one of the world’s leading suppliers of a key component for this technology – the receiver. 

CSP technology converts sunlight to heat through parabolic trough power plants: using large rows of parabolic-shaped mirrors, the sun’s radiation is concentrated up to 80-fold on the receivers. Heat transfer oil is heated here, and, via a heat exchanger, steam emerges that in turn drives traditional steam turbines. Thermal accumulators enable reliable generation of electricity, even at night.

In contrast to photovoltaic systems that are generally used for decentralised usage, Concentrated Solar Power plants are ideal for the central generation of energy. Such power plants can be run especially well within the earth’s sun belt – it would be possible to produce Europe’s electricity consumption several times over by using CSP only within the states of the Mediterranean region. As a further advantage, Concentrated Solar Power plants can be combined with fossil energy sources or biomass. Therefore, it is possible to realize a safe energy supply with a high solar content.

SHOTT Solar with its high performance receivers – which comprise the core of all solar power plants using parabolic trough technology – contributes decisively to making tomorrow’s energy production possible today, using proven technology which, with regard to economy, security of supply and climatic protection, has several advantages on its side. 


A solar power plant of this magnitude with an output of 50 megawatts consists of approx. 360,000 square metres reflecting surface and 15,000 receivers with a total length of about 60 kilometres.


After SCHOTT had successfully manufactured special glass tubes for the receiver casing in the 1980th, SCHOTT Solar advanced to become a technology leader for this key component with a new receiver, fully developed in-house. So it was not a coincidence that SCHOTT Solar delivered more than 23,000 receivers for the first European solar power plant in the south of Spain.