SDIC Xinjiang New Energy Co. Ltd. issued the bidding announcement on land prequalification and site selection opinion technical services, survey and boundary definition technical services, and access system design technical services etc, for its 100 MW Concentrated Solar Power + 900MW PV project in Ruoqiang County, Bazhou, Xinjiang.

According to the announcement, the project is located in the territory of Tiemulike Town, Ruoqiang County, Bazhou, Xinjiang. It is 205km northwest from Ruoqiang County, 62km northeast from Manyaba in Qinghai.

The project plans to build an installed capacity of 1GW, including 100MW of CSP, using molten salt tower CSP technologies, and AC 900MW (DC 994.70592MWp) of PV, using 540Wp high-efficiency monocrystalline double-sided solar modules. The land area for PV is 2995.9 hectares, and 1896.6 hectares for CSP, the land nature of the proposed site is state-owned unused wasteland.