The engineering and technology group SENER, the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (Masen) and the Moroccan Office of Professional Training and Promotion of Employment (OFPPT) have started a second edition of the training programme for future employees of the NOOR Ouarzazate III thermoelectric solar power plant. This initiative, for the transfer of technical knowledge, is framed within the actions that the company usually carries out in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Following the success of the first training programme for NOOR Ouarzazate II and with the aim of continuing to strengthen the local industry and human capital skills, SENER has designed a two-month programme, divided into 15 modules divided into 300 hours of theoretical and practical training for a total of 60 local students. As in the previous edition, SENER provides all the necessary material and supports the training of OFPPT teachers. This second cycle will offer more varied opportunities for future graduates, who will be able to work as solar field cleaners, field operators, power block operators and maintenance technicians, as well as mechanics and electricians.

Anas Raisuni, Regional Managing Director of SENER Morocco, reasserts: “We are very satisfied with the results of the training, particularly the quick learning capacity of the participants. In SENER we are proud to be able to confirm, in an effective way, the transfer of knowledge and know-how through this new training cycle, which will undoubtedly be so beneficial for both the local population and the NOORo III plant”.

The first training session allowed 42 students to train in jobs in concentrated solar power (CSP). The team of OFPPT trainers were also assisted, prior to the launch of the training session, by SENER experts, contributing therefore to the creation of new skills and promoting the transfer of know-how on solar-thermal technologies to the local training establishments.

It is important to note that this initiative is part of the collaboration agreement signed between SENER, MASEN and OFPPT in 2017. By means of this initiative, MASEN confirms its willingness to build a reserve of competence in the areas where its projects are to be implemented, by calling on the expertise of its partners, such as SENER, and also in close collaboration with OFPPT, which has a long experience in the specialized training of young people.

At the NOOR Ouarzazate III thermoelectric solar power plant, SENER has been tasked with the conceptual and basic engineering of the plant, the detailed engineering and the supply of the thermal storage system, the engineering and construction of the solar field and the molten salt receiver, as well as the integrated commissioning of the entire plant.

The iniciative is but one of the company’s many CSR activities. Other notable examples include the construction of a soccer field to official standard measurements by the people working at the NOORo solar complex, the donation of educational materials to three schools in the Ouarzazate area, collaborations with the CODESPA Foundation, annual campaigns to collect food for food banks, the collection of toys with the Red Cross, and support for the Business Observatory against Poverty. Furthermore, since 2002 SENER has had its own foundation, the SENER Foundation, created with the objectives of contributing to community social service through training and the development of socially responsible business activities. In 2017 the Foundation celebrated its 15th year.