On Nov, 4th, 2017, tower completed.   New!  

● On May, 13th, 2017, structural construction of administration building finished;

● In Nov, 2016, field leveling workstarted, core component procurement and main work construction began;

● On Nov, 9th, 2015,construction started;

● In 2014, project design began;

  Progress expectation:

● In Jan. 2018, solar field construction to be finished;

● In Mar. 2018, solar island to be finished;

● In June. 2018, steam generator to be installed;

● In Aug. 2018, to be connected to the grid.

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 Project Overview

Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Plant(hereinafter referred to as “the project”) is one of the 1st batch of 20 pilot CSP projects in China and being developed with a steady progress. Belonging to the second phase of Shouhang’s Dunhuang CSP plan (Phase one 10MW completed), the project is the largest molten salt tower CSP plant during construction period in China and its equipped solar field will be the largest one in the world when it’s completed.

Basic information
Location Solar Industry Park, inthe west of Qili Town, Dunhuang
Capacity 100MW
Investment CNY 3 billion
Annual generating capacity 3500h
Solar field area 12, 300, 00 sq. m.(Over 12,000 heliostats; tower height: 263 meters)
Project Participants


Developer and investor: Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Company Ltd (Shouhang)

In 2014, Shouhang started commercialized CSP project development and entered into scale industry stage. Shouhang devotes into systematic R&D of concentrator system, receiver, thermal energy storage system, heat exchange system and thermal electricity integration control system. By now, Shouhang successfully achieved small and middle size testing systems for tower, Parabolic Trough and dish CSP projects.

  Main participants and biding situation:

The main raw materials of the project are steel, aluminum product and glass, which are purchased from domestic suppliers by bidding. Core components as heliostat, control device, receiver and air cooling system are provided by Shouhang. Ensival Moret, Flowserve, GE, Siemens and Man are part of the key suppliers of the remaining equipment.


Equipment Name Vendor/Bidder
Solar field & heliostat Shouhang
Control system Shouhang
Receiver Shouhang
Steam generator Designed  by Shouhang and produced by China


Storage and transport system of molten salt Ensival  Moret(Purchased by Sulzer)、Flowserve

(Molten salt pump and value provider)

Salt dissolving equipment, Molten salt Under Bidding
Turbine GE\Siemens\MAN
Air cooling system Shouhang
Subsidiary facilities as electric and water  treatment Under Bidding
Pressure sensor Rocksensor


 Plant photos