Shouhang officially announced yesterday evening that the company will take over the development of China Shenhua Guohua Yumen 100MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project, which was originally owned by China state-owned company Guohua Power but given up earlier this February.

As CSP Focus reported earlier, the Shenhua Guohua project was among China 1st phase of 20 pilot CSP projects, however, had to be quit by the owner this February base on the company’s internal decision. Together with the project, totally 4 demos were quit.

It is definitely great news for China CSP industry that the acquisition by Shouhang “saves” another CSP demo under China 1st phase CSP policy.

The 100MW molten salt tower project will be located in Yumen, Gansu Province, Northwest China. A Shouhang wholly-owned subsidiary Yumen Shouhang Resources Saving New Energy Co., Ltd will be responsible for the investment and development.

With a total investment of RMB 2.46 billion, the project is expected to break ground next month in October, and be completed in two years in October, 2020.

The movement will be managed by Yumen local government and assisted in the handover work. As approved by the official department, the name of the project will be changed into “Yumen Shouhang Resources Saving New Energy 100MW CSP Demonstration Project”, shorted as Yumen Shouhang 100MW CSP Project.

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