Power China Gonghe 50MW Molten Salt Tower Concentrated Solar Power Project, as one of China first batch of pilot CSP projects, is under great progress and supposed to be commissioned in middle of 2019.

The project Solar Field EPC SUPCON Solar says, up to date, all the 30,016 pieces of heliostats have been installed this January, and the concreting of tower receiver was completed at the end of November, 2018.

Thanks to the strong support and commitment from the owner Power China, and the experience and expertise of SUPCON solar, the project is able to be developed and constructed quite smoothly. As a survey launched by CSP Focus earlier to vote on the «2019 Most Anticipated CSP Pilot Project in China», Power China Gonghe project was ranked Number One. Predictably, it would be China fourth or fifth CSP pilot project.

SUPCON Solar was also the owner and developer of China 3rd CSP demonstration CSP project–SUPCON Delingha 50MW molten salt tower CSP project. SUPCON signed the solar field EPC contract with the project EPC Power China Northwest Engineering Corporation Co., Ltd. in February 2018, and started the installation of heliostats on June 28th, 2018. It took around half a year to complete the heliostats, which broke the record made in SUPCON Delingha 50MW tower CSP project.

Milestones of Power China Gonghe 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project:

● January 14th, 2019, heliostats completed
● November 22nd, 2018, Receiver Tower Concreting Completed
● June 28th, 2018, On-site Installation of First Heliostat Completed
● June 18th, 2018, Project Construction Started
● April, 2018, Foundation of Receiver Tower Completed
● November 29th, 2016, Feasibility Study Evaluation and Inspection Meeting held
● September 23rd, 2016, Selected as Pilot Project
● August, 2015, Pre-Feasibility Study Completed

More project details and updates please download the fresh report produced by CSP Focus:
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With the total investment of RMB 1.222 billion, and 6 hours’ molten salt thermal electricity storage, the project expects an annual electricity generation of around 156.92GWh after completion.

Together with SUPCON Solar, Power China SEPCO1 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd will be responsible of HTF&TES Installation and Commissioning. Overseas companies including Flowserve, MICC, Chromalox provide some of the key products like molten salt pump and valve and heat tracing. More components are manufactured by Chinese local companies, such as mirrors from Daming, steam generator from Shanghai Boiler, steam turbine from Harbin Turbine, molten salt from Qinghai Lianda Chemical Co., Ltd.

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