Siemens Energy and Sun To Market Solutions are developing a full-scope integrated test, commissioning and training simulator for concentrating solar power (CSP) plants.

The objective of the full-scope integrated control room simulator is to provide a virtual plant for engineering tests, commissioning and assessment for CSP plant operators. It will also offer training for plant start-up and shutdown, monitoring and control during normal and emergency situations and for safety procedures. The training simulator will be valuable to CSP plant owners because it will help to train their personnel in the optimised operation of solar plants.

CSP plants operate under fast-changing transient weather situations such as passing cloud trains or morning mist and dust. Against this background having highly qualified personnel is a must to operate a solar plant reliably and efficiently. The SPPA-S3000 simulation system has been developed for intensive and continuous training of power plant personnel.

The simulator provides a functional full-scale replica of a control system used in a CSP plant based on the original engineering data of the power plant. The new solar SPPA-S3000 solution combines the proven SPPA-S3000 emulator from Siemens’ and Sun To Market’s validated process models. It is comprised of both the automation controllers and the input/output level. The process covers technological process simulation for a solar field and a thermal storage system.