Southwest Solar Technologies Inc. (SST, Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.) announced that it has completed initial development of a 73,000 square meter concentrating solar power (CSP) research park in Phoenix, Arizona.

The company states that it is engaged in discussions with other renewable energy businesses regarding co-locating at its Southwest Solar Research Park, and will make land available for testing and demonstration projects.

"This is an important milestone for our company," stated SST Chief Technical Officer Herb Hayden. "The facility combines our operational headquarters with a uniquely placed research and development complex for others that are seeking to advance solar technology."

Research park to be located near universities, tech industry

SST notes that the site is close to Phoenix’s universities and technology companies. The research park will include a concentrating solar dish 23 meters in diameter visible from Interstate 10.

SST is a developer of a concentrating solar power (CSP) technology that uses a dish concentrator and gas turbine engine. The company notes that its CSP design uses no water for cooling and includes energy storage capabilities to provide on-demand power.