Spain plans to launch its first specific auction for new CSP capacity in a decade by the end of December, Secretary of State for Energy, Sara Aagesen, announced October 1.

The auction will allocate 200 MW of CSP capacity, 140 MW of biomass and 20 MW of emerging technologies, local media reported, and represents Spain’s third renewable energy auction this year.

Spain has indicated it will tender for around 600 MW of CSP capacity by 2025, leaving it far behind its goal to double installed CSP capacity to 4.8 GW by 2025, as set out in its National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) submitted to the European Commission (EC).

Spain has 2.3 GW of installed CSP capacity but domestic build was halted in 2013 after the government replaced feed-in tariffs with regulated asset value-based payments to recoup a state deficit.

New tariff laws in 2019 guaranteed payments for operators, providing greater regulatory stability and boosting demand for CSP plant resales.

By 2030, Spain aims to reach 7.3 GW of CSP, according to the PNIEC.

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