After steam turbine overhaul,the plant was recovered to full load operation on October 9, 2020. As of 24:00 on November 8, the total monthly output reached 18.4 GWh, which refreshed prior record in Feb, 2020 (17.17GWh), and exceeded average designed output by 6.23GWh (The plant is designed to generate 146GWh/y, i.e. 12.17GWh/month).

This year, the collected DNI has undergone sharp fluctuation. In June, the monthly DNI was only 133.6KWh/m²,yet this figure was over 221KWh/ m² in both February and October. From Oct 9 to Nov 8, the collected DNI was 227.39kwh/ m².

During this period (Oct 9 to Nov 8), there were 24 days meeting 90% of theoretical production. In particular, there were 9 days fulfilling over 100%. The total energy delivered to the grid was 17.15GWh with auxiliary power consumption rate of 6.78%, which was also the best record since the plant was put into operation.