Archimede Solar Energy (ASE), Massa Martana (Perugia), Italy, has awarded the contract for supply DSG receiving tubes to the world’s first Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Plant producing steam for factory production.

Pirelli, Archimede Solar Energy and the Italian Ministry of the Environment, in collaboration with the Forum das Americas, presented the project for the construction in Feira de Santana (Bahia state) of the largest concentrated solar power plant in the world for direct production of steam for factory production.


The project is the result of a collaboration agreement signed in January 2012 by the Ministry and Pirelli, which aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions, within the environmental cooperation framework between Italy and Brazil.  

The project will be realized with the contribution of the Milan Polytechnic, a university that works with Pirelli in its R&D department and that in this case will carry out the preliminary study, and Archimede Solar Energy, which will provide the high performance DSG Receiving Tubes for concentrating solar thermal power.

The concentrating solar power plant will be directly connected to the steam lines used for the production of tires; the power plant could reach a peak of 1.4 MW, ensuring a thermal supply share for the normal production cycle of the plant.

This project is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by 2,000 tons over five years. The design, construction, operation and monitoring phases for this CSP Project will lay the foundation for a wider use of concentrating solar power in the industrial sector, helping reduce investment costs and increase plant efficiency.